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There is something that can be done because of DA INVENT.

DA INVENT Corporation Limited actively interacts with experts and university professors to develop new technologies.
We have always been working hard among many companies by developing applications for existing technologies, exploring innovative ways of using existing technologies, and building new control systems.

New arrivals!Next-generation fuel plant
Euglena oil residue x Hydrothermal decomposition liquid fertilizer

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Recently, we have received consultations from several customers about a malicious trader that conducts threatening sales activities by spreading falsehoods like "A horizontal apparatus with a structure that discharges from the lower part of the apparatus cannot be manufactured by other companies for it is our own patent.“
In order to ensure that customers feel secure in their purchase of our equipment, we offer free consultations with exclusive lawyers and patent attorneys.
If you have a case like this, please feel free to contact us for a consultation.